Earn sweet rewards when you save up for the things you want.

Save now, buy later, earn cashback... debt-free

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Earn cashback when you save up to buy

Because not everyone wants to buy now and pay later

3 steps to use Sugar


Set a goal

Find a brand on Sugar and choose something you want to save up for


Create your purchase plan

Set a target date and decide how frequently to save.
Savings are deducted automatically from your debit or credit card.

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Get rewarded

Every time you save, we'll reward you a surprise amount of cashback of up to 100%.

Follow the instructions to redeem your purchase and withdraw your cashback directly into your bank account.

Saving up has never been this sweet

Plan for future purchases and get rewarded

Sugar is free, and you'll also be debt-free

Cancel anytime and get a refund

Safe & secure
Instant approval
No strings attached
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5 / 5

I love Sugar! Saving up is the smarter way to afford things and the cashback is icing on the cake

Zati Hulwani - 24 years old
4.5 / 5

I'm someone who plans her purchases ahead of time, finally I get rewarded for saving up

Michelle Chen - 32 years old
5 / 5

I'm so glad there's a better way to afford stuff without getting into debt

Kiat How - 28 years old