WTF is Save Now Buy Later?

We're a savings app in Malaysia called Sugar and even we don't know the actual definition of Save Now Buy Later, so we asked an AI to tell us:

Introducing Save Now, Buy Later – the innovative new service that helps you save up for your purchases like a boss. With Save Now, Buy Later, you can set savings goals and track your progress, all while earning rewards and cashback on your purchases. And the best part? No pesky collection agencies or late fees to worry about.

Here's how it works: when you make a purchase, you can choose the Save Now, Buy Later option. This will automatically set aside a portion of the purchase price into a savings account. You can then track your savings progress and see how close you are to achieving your goal (hint: very close if you stop buying those fancy lattes every day).

As you save, you'll also earn rewards and cashback on your purchases. This means that not only are you saving up for your purchases, but you're also earning money as you go. Plus, our app offers helpful tips and resources on budgeting and financial literacy to help you reach your goals. And let's be real, who doesn't want to learn more about budgeting and financial literacy? It's like a party in your pants (but without all the awkward small talk and lame music).

So why wait? Start saving up for your purchases with Save Now, Buy Later. Say goodbye to debt and interest, and hello to financial freedom. Plus, you'll be able to buy that fancy latté without feeling guilty (or having to hide from the collection agencies). Try it out today!